We know that LI’VERT is already a while under us and today they released their first album ANIMA. And they give us 5 new songs and 1 SE.

I will only talk about the new tracks.

01. Appearance (SE)
02. Dim the animus (New Song)
03. Circle of sorrow
04. Anemone (New Song)
05. Seijaku no Toge (New Song)
06. Regret
07. Alive
08. Shinkirou (New Song)
09. Proof of Waste
10. Psycho
11. Rasen (New Song)

The CD start with a really cool strong and nice SE. It’s really played good, its fades over into Dim the Animus. Which also has a strong melody however without grunting. only clean vocal. But Mukuro vocal~ It sounds as he actually cannot sing and that he should improve his vocal skills asap. Maybe he had a cold? or totally not his day? while recording? Because when you hear him sing in REGRET then his voice is fabulous.

Up to the next new song; Anemone it’s a calm song still with heaviness inside but pretty calm. But once again vocal…….

Up to the next new song; Seijaku no Toge again not such heavy song also no grunting only “clean singing” however again he fails in the vocal part. But the melody of this song is good again.

Up to the next new song; Shinkirou Muroku clean vocal sounds a bit better in this song, but there is also grunting in this song and that sounds much better but little bit powerless. But the melody of this song is a little bit boring. It could have more HEAVYNESS inside its a bit too calm too prudent.

Up to the next new song; RASEN, his singing voice, bad again. And the melody is boring. Its nothing special. its not even a cool melody. its to simple. they could write such more cooler song.

Its not LI’VERT best release.

Mukuro really failed on “real” singing. I guess he really did not had his day?! But the quality of the melody is very good. Your really can hear that the band knows what they are doing. And that makes it able to listen even if the vocal sounds so horrible. You still can headbang and Heavy dance very good on this album. Hopefully Mukuro improves is vocal skills at their next release. Because then this band really would make amazing music. And hopefully their next songs will be much more HEAVY. not so much calm songs. LI’VERT still stays a band for more GRUNTING and more brutal melody.

Still fun to see a bit of different side of LI’VERT but it was simply to soon to go on “only singing” for their new songs. since Mukuro really should improve in singing first.  But I’m very curious to their next work. and hopefully they will come with more HEAVY shit.


RATING: :2.5: