Review – Calmando Qual Best Album | Freaks -select collection 2001〜2014-
Next year at Janurary 14th Calmando Qual will release their first best album. But is this really the best of the best? I will give you maybe the answer.

Of course you always ask yourself, should I buy a best album? Well I try to give you the answer for this album. I did receive it early thanks to a Japanese friend. (^0^)/
Since we already know all songs, I’m not going to talk about how these songs sound like. So it’s a review inside a different jacket.

PRICE: 3,500円 (TAX IN)
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The album contains 26 full tracks, including one unreleased song.

All others where not easy to get releases for their oversea fans. Hallelujah was never released before. The album duration is 02:01:47 so a bit more than 2 hours playtime. Which is not bad at all.

If you look at the track order then all songs are placed in a good order.

However if you look at the songs did they really pick up the best of the best?  My own answer is “no”. Since not all my favorite tracks are on this album.

Hallelujah was never released before, This track was composed by TASC including the lyrics. So this track was a high surprise. The lyric is VERY sexual… a truly 18+ song.

The music is a typical Tasc sounded song. lots of beautiful tunes made with a synthesizer, as we all were used from the Calmando Qual. This song is also a pretty heavy song.  (It’s still to bad that Tasc has left the band in 2008) I really do love this track and I’m happy that they have released this song on this best album!

But now up to the re-recordings. What are the differences? are they needed to listen too? Well yes, you should 100% check them out at the release date.

Let’s start with;

insanity; Do you remember the PV?  It’s the PV version. which is different than the version on the silent single.
1st spectrogram insanity SINGLE version; 2nd Best album version
insanity01.png?w=300&h=152 insanity02.png?w=300&h=152
Both songs to compare

So we finally have the PV version in good quality :3

PARADOX; you can clearly hear the differences if you listen to this track, since there is 0 effect of TASC synthesizer.
This track was already published in 2010 on a V/A. album which was almost impossible to get for oversea fans.
1st spectrogram paradox SINGLE version; 2nd Best album version
paradox01-flac.png?w=300&h=152 paradox02-flac.png?w=300&h=152
Both songs to compare

This retaken version has a very similar spectogram however it’s played much more heavy and it’s recorded without Tasc.

It’s very interesting. The old and new version are both good takes. Its a nice version to also put inside your collection.

UNDEADMAN; It’s the short version, the Single version has a longer into and a bit more extra added BG tunes.
1st spectrogram Best album version 2nd Single version
undeadman-v-a-version-flac.png?w=300&h=1 undeadman-flac.png?w=300&h=152
Both songs to compare

But we already know both versions.

Yugami; The only real difference I notice is the vocal; it’s not edited and a little bit different sung. and the volume of drum,bass and guitar is lesser. Maybe you can call this track a original recored version? It also gives me a way more “LIVE version feeling”, because it sounds like they play this song in front of you.
1st spectrogram Yugami  SINGLE version; 2nd Best album version
e6adaa-flac.png?w=300&h=152 e6adaav-a-version-flac.png?w=300&h=152
Both songs to compare

For me the tracks aren’t the best of the best, however, I keep my finger crossed for a next 2 disk best album for another 26 songs. (hopefully only OLD song, I’ve made a list below)
I still do like this best album, I never really liked “Doors” and “Deadman’s Party”, because of the horror theme sound. Velvet is an alright song, but the other 3 are for me not the best songs. I would have preferred “Chandelier” over “Ghost House”. But these songs stay for me “sound only good at live gigs”.

Would I recommend this album to you?, somehow yes and somehow no. Because you simply need to ask yourself one question. Would I spent 3500yen for 4 unreleased tracks? Do I want to be able to read the lyric of hallelujah? If so, then yes you should buy it. However if you don’t care about the lyric, then I more recommend you to buy this album digital, and maybe even those 4 tracks only.

If you own their discography like me, it would be a pity if it would be missing inside your collection.

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I will not rate this album. since it’s a best album;

BOOKLET contains LYRICS only. no Photos at all.