I follow Tokami since they joined Starwave Records, but I felt in love with them at 2012/07/13 after seeing them live.

This is their first release with guitarist and composer Kazuha and because of him they have improved their music even more.

CD tracklist

01. Addicted Lover
02. Sayonara no Hate ni Ame ha furite
03. Luminescence

For me it aren’t songs to headbang on but more to dance very wild. However the first song also let me think a bit of dieS album “VICTIM”.

All 3 songs are wild and fast. Heavy rock feeling but totally no headbang feeling for myself (which will be different for many I guess)

All 3 songs have a similar way of melody they really fit each other to play this single over and over again. \Agato’s voice has truly improved if you compare it with their last mini-album.

It also let me think a bit of “CELL”  mix of dieS and CELL.

I don’t really know what to write more about this single. I really like this single. I will buy this single on a CD soon enough. because its worth the money.

If it was maybe a bit more Heavy I would have given it 5 stars .

Well check it out HERE