Someone asked me to review this CD of this band, however I don’t know this band.


Album Cover

The style of this music it reminds me of a mix of, pop, dance, electro, industrial, metal and rock, it simply has all. Just kinda more heavy dance music which fits more the industrial world. It reminds me also of bands such as “Mindless Self Indulgence” However this kind of music is a bit more soft and has a way more crazy singing style. Even if it has all kind of cool music elements which I won’t mind if they got mixed. It also kinda get a bit of boring fast after listen to one track for 1:30min. Then you actually want to skip to the next song. It kind of has simply to boring voice over. Somehow it also reminds me a bit of vocaloid lol. It also reminds me of AURAL VAMPIRE, Bespa Kuromo but the music AURAL VAMPIRE is much much better since Aural Vampire doesn’t get boring. The female vocalist has simply a boring standart all day voice, it doesn’t even make this music more cool. if there was no voice this album would even sound way more fancy and then it would be a bit lesser boring. It also somehow reminds me a bit of Macross Frontier music. But only some parts.

I do understand this kind of music, I general like it pretty much. However it’s nothing special. I really want to skip each song after 1-2 min.
It’s such C album.

My Raiting: :1.0:  simply to boring for me. If this album was fully instrumental I would have listen to the end. but the voice it’s so annoying and simply fuckt up this album completly. the voice really doesn’t add anything it’s simply annoying. I couldn’t even finish the album.

Just give me Aural Vampire, Bespa, Mindless and some other bands who really know how to create such kind of music.