Also as requested

This release is difficult to write down my thoughts.  to which kind music does this belong? I always forget. lol. screamo maybe? can someone tell me again?! lol

It’s simply something typical of the genre where this music belongs to. bit heavy, bit soft, bit electronic sound, heavy drum sound, heavy bass guitar, not much heavy guitar. all mixed together. Vocal is clean. sound also sound like bad METAL sometimes. it’s just something between rock electronic and metal music. which makes also each song sound the same.  There is no cool real guitar solo, or a nice bass solo or a FETT drum solo. not real pure METAL heaviness.

Even now I still don’t get this genre at all. I prefer real metal shizzel. which real metal drum and guitar.  and not just some heavy drumming which sound like “Metal” but what isn’t Metal because it’s to soft. But what isn’t ROCK too. because it doesn’t sound like “real” rock.

Of course you really can dance and maybe even headbang on this kind of music but I personal never ever will have the feeling that this kind of shizzel is THE SHIT (^_^)

Girugamesh is vocal strong. His vocal always fit the music whatever they make. However his way of singing in REDMAN is much greater.

I did do like Monster but this mini alum or big maxi single how you call it.. its simply boring. it doesn’t sound better as Monster our any of their previous album. all their music simply sounds the damn same now. There is nothing new. there is no big surprise at all. They really should get rid of those boring “now in music”. Where are the real old Visual Kei Gothic elements? Where are the real rock elements?

Somehow it’s a pity that the young people from now days like this kind of shizzel. Even if it’s alright and good but it’s always the same. It was cool a few years ago when it was new, but now… no thank you.

They would have balls if they would make some Gothic Electronic nu Metal screamo shizzel. lol Get the gothic back giru! otherwise they will stay boring for me.

This release is simply to boring for me to give ratings or opinion for each song… since to me every song sounds the damn same.

my own rating on my taste: :2.0:

Rating without taste: :3.5: Satoshi could at least sing with more feelings to make the songs sound different.