Finally after a while we hear finally something from ADAMS again.  Their last album was released this year at their European tour. However didn’t like the album. Somehow it just sounded boring to me. So yes I was happy to hear the news about the new single “Akisame”. Because ADAMS is the best in releasing singles!


Akisame means something like “Autumn Rain” or maybe “Rainy Autumn”?

The song Akisame start with ADAM singing and it has a happy tune. It reminds me a lot of “ONE AND ONLY” it doesn’t remind me of “boku no sei” or “seseragi” at all. Even if the song has a “happy tune” it doesn’t tell you a happy story, the story is about broken love. That you have loved someone so deeply that even RAIN cannot help you to get rid of the pain. It continues to tell the story where it stopped at Seseragi. The melody is a mix of typical pop and a bit of rock elements, it also reminds me to some older anime music tracks. it has guitar elements but also keyboard aka computer made melodies inside. which made this song not really a sad song. ADAMS voice is good as always but he could make this song even more sad with singing with real broken love feelings. However because of singing this way it makes me feel that he simply sings happy to get rid of those sad feelings. But I don’t get the image of a rainy dark Autumn day when I listen to this song, because this song really make you feel to go out dancing. (dancing in the sad rain maybe?) After all this song is really enjoying and that makes this song good. I really like it.

NUDE start with a church clock. Which remembers me actually of a church clock sound if someone has died. (lol) But it’s not a depressive lyric at all…(lol) Somehow because of this clock it let me feel as it is a sad love song too. But after reading the lyric the ringing bell reminds me of a xxx movie. The first xxx movie. Who also had such ringing bell at the end of the movie… yes I’m talking about “Deep Throat” xxx movie. (lol) The lyrics of this song doesn’t make that much sense. The lyric of this song isn’t that important. The lyric is really filled with sexual thinking. A good song to play when you are with your lover in bed doing xxx things. The melody let you also think of nude things… eh nude? naughty nude things. It’s a melody which you can easy enjoy. But somehow I can’t really describe the melody in words, it’s a nice melody which get liked easy, and ADAMS voice is perfect as always, only he could let sound the lyrics even more naughty with his voice.

Both melodies are actually typical catchy pop songs. It aren’t really rock songs but they have also a little taste of rock. In the next works of ADAMS I surly gonna miss the sound of the guitar since they totally going the pop electronic industrial way.
There wont be any ADAMS fan who won’t like this single. It’s impossible to not like this. However I really think that it is really important to read the “translations” of both songs. because it makes it more easy to feel the music more deeply and to understand the songs better.

My rating for this single.
MELODY: :5.0: simply because you like it at the first play
FEELING: :3.5: because while listen to it you won’t understand the real content of the lyrics.
Akisame :5.0: perfect written lyric. really beautiful.
NUDE :2.0: could be written more deeply, words are simply way to random and sentences simply doesn’t make that much sense. But the melody is good.
OVER ALL: :4.0: Its a nice single which you won’t regret buying.

You can listen to the single OVER HERE



and again my review is a bit vague… but somehow this single doesn’t let me write a good review. Maybe because it’s to much pop for me?

My own translations;  warning; can have mistakes, corrections are WELCOME!

Akisame  / Autumnal rain
The first love round, the first romantic love, those feelings won’t change or stop.
The season of blooming flowers are scattered in eternally…

Sleepless in a cold bed which is puzzled of a breathing sleeping person who isn’t there.
The vacant arm on which I slept, the indelibly flowing scent [I want to embrace…]
Right now I still can see the floating memories forming a line inside this silent room.
Your voice is still echoing inside my mind*.

Even when the RAIN began, the PAIN didn’t disappear, since you cannot close an open wound.
I cried, when the killing voice of the rain became strong.
The first love round, the first romantic love, I’m saying quietly goodbye to the unchangeable thoughts.
Returning is impossible, so since that day I closed my sight* from my memory*…

Even If I flushed it down with tears, the darkness* won’t disappear,  it won’t disappear.
The rain which can’t stop to wet the bed, it feels like crying, it wants to cry, I don’t want to cry.
I try the RAIN magic again, everything about you was a lie.
I’ve forgotten already how long I cried, since it rains.

Even when the RAIN began, the PAIN didn’t disappear, since you cannot close an open wound.
When the killing voice of the rain became strong I, I…
The first love round, the first romantic love, those unchangeable thoughts cannot put into words
Inside me the autumn rain began to fall again and I scattered in eternity

*kanji = ear, but I used mind.
*kanji = eye, but I used sight -> seeing
*Sorade = from memory
*iro ga kokunaru = black color, thick color, becomes deep, But I used darkness. since the pain doesn’t go away.


There is a major long traffic jam, so I’m dive to escape to the bottom of the sea.
It’s to loud and to noisy even by blocking the ears.
The TAXI DRIVER assumed to have a scratch, he sticked out his arm with his tattoo
To be beloved is question for another person of a different star.
Whenever I sleep deeply or if I lose you in crowded mess, I see you at the entrance

The black door, The squeaky floor, the corner of the big city, the color of tears, The ground of a foreign country, You are to beautiful
Today and tomorrow too, the rain and cold are at the other side of the wall.

The suddenly FINALE meet, I HAVE TO GO to kiss you
My reason that disappeared in bad uneasiness has already PAST AWAY
To carry a scar isn’t a sin, don’t you feel the scratched skin?
After all this indifferent body want to embrace you.
The lure of sweet scent of SORROW its the vortex of the accelerate desire.

The red shoes, the swaying earrings, the feathers inside the sofa, the sound turns into vanilla, hot Strawberry
KISS, SMILE and be NUDE while watching the last movie repeatedly

The black door, The squeaky floor, the corner of the big city, the color of tears, The ground of a foreign country, You are to beautiful
The red shoes, the swaying earrings, the feathers inside the sofa, let’s burn it inside our memory over again, hot Strawberry
With your NUDE and nakedness Suppress your voice and let’s forget about everything