Album released at August 13th!

I already did hear a few of the songs at their LIVE and they truly blew me away, so amazing cool music. but then you still need to wait how it will sound on a CD.

dieS is a more dark image visual kei band. No happy unreal fun shit. It’s music truly pure from the heart. Music which is made with real fun and feeling. Once again dieS did it again and they delivered a way more perfect ALBUM.
You can hear the guitar influences of Calmando Qual TAK a lot. He didn’t join the recording for all songs which are on this album only [track, 2,3,6,8&9]. But you can clearly hear that his ideas are inside this album too.
This album has the perfect heaviness of rock music need to have. Everything fits in every song.
Vocal is really beautiful and fits the music so perfectly.
No idiotic scream or something you have a lot now in visual kei music.
It’s really easy to let the music inside your head that that you kinda fly dream inside the music.


:2.5: 01 the night | A nice song for a first song of an album. But still it lacks something a bit. a 2min version would maybe have fit better.
:5.0: 02 SA・VA・GE-night slave- | Lovely song to play all night!
:3.0: 03 innocent taboo | Live version is way more fun, it’s not really a CD song, I guess. at least not for me.
:3.0: 04 mirror | to much sameness with innocent taboo.
:3.5: 05 VICTIM | lovely Engrish! It has a nice beat :3
:5.0: 06 blind dance | a beautiful rock ballad!
:4.5: 07 dry | Also a more slow song. really beautiful. To bad that Tak didn’t join this song. otherwise it would been more perfect.
:5.0: 08 smell | more heavy song in between.
:4.0: 09 パブリックセックス | First part of this song is… nyaaaaa… but it gets more fun and better.
:4.5: 10 太陽 | Also slowly song, so much perfectness. However they should have asked Tak to join this song recording.



Even if the individual songs aren’t always that great (track, 3,4,5), yet to play them all in this order it makes them fun and nicely to listen too, so I won’t skip any of them!!

Also the more slow songs are the best for dieS, Then “Dai’s” voice is also so beautiful.

You won’t regret to spend 2500yen for this album (^o^)/