Last year at 2014.05.21 Janne Da Arc bassist “Ka-yu” released a brand new Mini album with his solo project DAMIJAW. The price of the album cost you only 1,000 yen + tax, which is very cheap for a Japanese release. Everyone was waiting for this new release because his last full album was released on 2012.06.07.   The first press of this album came with a beautiful poster which was created with photos of fans.

Ka-yu isn’t just a bassist, you really can hear his bass skills during this whole mini album. You notice his bass-lines because they sound heavy and fast and he always puts much feelings inside. Also he release music with real and good quality and his style is heavy rock.
Ka-yu proofs once again that he is one of the most talented bassist which Japan knows.

This mini-album contains 6 beautiful tracks.  Every song has their own taste which is played with so much love and power. Everything in the song fits. good vocal, perfect guitar, perfect drum, perfect bass. and perfect solos. The 2 year wait for this mini-album, yes it was worth it, since they did give us something which is made from the heart. The album has a heavy rock taste and also starts with this heaviness, which made it even sometimes possible to headbang on parts of some songs or almost the whole song.  But “THIS IS MY WING” is a more soft song, a kind of rock ballad also “I fear silence” is a bit more calm song however still with much heaviness inside, but these 2 songs makes you hear Ka-yu’s clean voice, which is far out beautiful.  It really has been a while since I did listen to such great mini-album.  It has truly everything inside what an album need.
If you are looking for something new and different from many visual kei bands, then please check out DAMIJAW’s THIS IS MY WING.

04.I fear silence

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