Actually I wanted to review this album officially however because of some misunderstand things got fuckt-up. However I’m still glad that I could listen to this album at a later moment.

EU Pre-release on March 14th.
– 69
– seseragi
– White Caress
– Carry
– Masquerade
– R-ED
– Bittersweet
– Boku No Sei

ADAMS- 69 Free talk. (not real review)

I really like ADAMS. ADAMS is music with amazing power so I got high hopes that I also love this album. Let’s check it out.

The album start with an intro song which lead us into GALAXY. However GALAXY created not a wow effect in my mind but I loved the beat, next up is Seseragi, one of ADAMS best songs, it’s truly amazing, from that song we fly into HEAVEN, which kinda disappoint me, I can’t like the melody and the vocal part of this song so I skipped the song… next up is White caress, which gave me a good feeling again, everyone would fall in love with this track. From that song we fly to Carry, it has a good start a nice melody, good voice a good up beat, yes that’s how a song should sound! The next song is Masquerade which isn’t my taste, it doesn’t rock enough, next up R-ED another song I would skip. Then we reached Bittersweet also a perfect song, next up MARIA another song which isn’t my taste but from that song we fly into Boku no Sei. which is also a song which never reached my heart, the album closes with YOAKEMAE. The perfect song to close up this song, a song which I totally needed after a few songs I didn’t like.

After all I felt a bit of disappointing because I couldn’t feel the songs that good into my heart. Still doesn’t meant that ADAMS create bad music, I’m just more a type who loves ROCK and brutal Metal more. To like such kind of music is often out of my like box. Still I’m happy to had the opportunity to listen to something new.  Also I’m happy that they finally released Yoakemae, because I already knew the song since 2013.

If you are an ADAMS fan you surely should check this album out.
You still can listen to it on Spotify.