CD review: Calmando Qual: Zetsubou no Gosenfu

Calmando Qual mini-album [Zetsubou no Gosenfu] on sale April 23, 2014

“Despair and hope,” “dreams and reality,” “death and rebirth”…
The harmony of melody and soul dancing on the stage of contradiction. This dark fantasy creation by Calmando Qual, their newest work, also marks a return to the band’s musical origins.
Only a few days left….

Finally after more than a year a new CD of Calmando Qual. this time it’s called a mini-album. But we get only 3 new songs and 2 old songs into a new jacket.
The CD starts with a SE  (-PsychO-), instrumental song which reminds you actually of Killer Fiction mini-album. So your exceptions goes to that it would sound like that, the 2nd track is Zesshou an old song which was released on a special Live CD only. The new version sound great and cool, truly how a song should sound like, it’s tuned a little bit more heavy than the original. the 3rd song Nuritsubusareta Elegy is not really a song which you would expect from Calmando Qual, the song has a very short lyric only, this also makes the melody way more important than the lyric. People can easy like this song, also those who never listed to Calmando Qual before.
The 4th song is Gareki no Yume. It has a strong lyric but also a strong melody, it has a kind of sinister dreaming feeling, like to be trapped in a dream, but not really nightmare only a little bit. It’s easy to like. The 5th song, Death Song, old song in new jacket however they restyled the voice way to dark with editing, the original is much better…  the 6th song CRY, this song also fits inside of Gareki no Yume it has kind of similar melody. It’s a very sad lyric. The melody is dreaming sad with a bit of finster feeling at the background.

It’s a totally new Calmando Qual, you cannot compare it with any of their older works. It’s not the same darkness as years ago nor more recent. It’s not because of not having Kenka’s bass skills. No they kinda more went again into a new direction. Yet you recognize still few things, but it’s as you listen to a complete new band. It’s truly different.

For old fans only…
Forget the old Calmando Qual and hug the new Calmand Qual.

To new and newer fans.
If you like visual kei bands a lot, then you will surly love this CD a lot. it has everything what is needed to enjoy a CD. it might not be such heavy shizzel as Meijibray or something. But it’s something you truly can like.

I shouldn’t be to critical, because it’s good music.
And yet, I’m sure the next release will give us again something different.
I won’t rate this album this time because it’s something you need find out yourself. It will be for everyone different.

The only thing I recommend you is to buy a digital copy.
CD will be available at; CDbaby (FLAC available), Google Music, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify(you can listen to it for free).

Say NO to illegal downloads.
Since you can easy listen to it free at Spotify.

cdbaby, google music and itunes it’s only 99cent per song. so 7x 99cent is 6,93. So… not that much. I even can recommend you to only buy the full songs so not the SE’s and deathsong. then it’s even more cheap only 4x 99cent. so 3,96.
So please support!~