Review written in 2011 – by Nagashiwa

This single was released end August 2010 but first fans could buy it at their live gigs! I really wanted to have a copy of this single so I did asked a Japanese friend if he could get this single for me. So I really was happy at the day that I got this single finally at home!! It came together with Acid Black Cherry Re:Birth tour pamphlet what a combination huh? Rock’N’Roll with rock. (Laugh) No perfect match. Okay I did listen to the song BROKEN before at myspace, but at that time I was thinking ah I don’t really like it but I really did listen it only one time. So I did put the CD in my computer and I did ripped the CD to my PC harddisk and I did listen to Broken again… and again and again and again.. just once more I couldn’t stop, I still can’t stop.. this song stings into your heart… The words are sung with so much power and feeling. The songs Mayonaka no sneaker and OUTSIDER are lyrical a little bit different. OUTSIDER makes your heart more free, that song will give you power!
Mayonaka no sneaker is not a really positive song and you can take that song in so many different ways I think. It can give you power but it can also make you even more down.
This single is well played it got a positive and a depression feeling but it’s rocking like a real rock just like ROCK’N’ROLL this single can make your mind free of your problems and isn’t that the most important thing? The lyrics are very beautiful!

And you can listen this single over and over and over and once again and again and over and over and again and again!! (laugh) You only want to listen to the songs of THE HIGH GRIP you don’t want to put other music into your music playlist you only want to listen to this single!

Hibiki on vocal, singing his feelings and his band members who play the music together with him.
Lovely powerful music good guitar play good bass play good drum. Really well played (laugh)

I don’t even know what to say about it because it does fit so well together!

Great job guys!!

My rating even till today April 13th 2014…. the full 100%
I really wished that Kenka still was inside this band… because it was a prefect sounded ROCK’N’ROLL band!!!!!!!