This are old reviews which I wrote long ago. My opinion can a bit have changed in the years. But yet I still think they can give you a good impression!


Calmando Qual [DOORS]
– review written by nagashiwa – 2010

Ghost House is the first track on the cd, if you did listen to the past music of Calmando Qual you might would think, what the hell is this song? It really sounds different as all tracks before how we know the music of Calmando Qual. The first impression of this song is really a What the fuck feeling, you might can’t believe your ears. The song is about people who can enjoy dinner. But not living people but people who just came to the underworld to the afterlife. This song introduce also the new Gothic theater feeling. Most people should listen to this song a few times over and over to get used to the new sound. The lyrics of this sound are pretty amazing, nice way of writing a lyric just like that you have been died and that you walked in the afterworld and that you just notice it because you looked in the mirror and that you didn’t see your mirror image, so actually maybe a little bit with humor too. But creepy humor.

After that song who go to Shadow, this song does give you more an impression of a real Calmando Song like we did know the guys before of course it got still a different feeling but you can listen to it without a what the fuck feeling. Hibiki does sing this song with a lot of feeling and also the other guys play this song pretty nice they don’t make a mess of it. The speed of this song is pretty nice done. Slowing down if Hibiki is singing and going a little bit faster if it’s a vocal break but also with song parts if Hibiki sings sentence a little bit stretched. Just a song who is very well made!

Then we got the song Velvet it’s another great good song, without you going to thing what is this? This song is played like the other two songs great without any moment where you think, guys what are you doing, the feeling just fit. The lyric is dark actually just like we used to know from Calmando Qual and actually with a beautiful meaning.

And the last song is Chandelier, Chandelier is a song who just can go burn into your heart a lovely dark feeling got burned into your heart. At least that’s the feeling who you can get.

This is not the best work of Calmando Qual so far, but after all you can say that this single is amazing. It just got a new sound and feeling, but if you look back in the lyrics you find out that the lyrics are still dark. People just should listen a few times to this single till they get used to their new sound! But people who never have listen to Calmando Qual and who love this kind of music can fall in love with this band immediately! Hibiki’s voice is strong and the guitar playing skills of Tak and Kenka has been even grown more and Maya who take the drum part knows also what he is doing.

Just give this single a change!~

My rating of this Single: ★★★☆☆ 3 of 5 stars
It’s not a bad single but it’s truly different than the Calmando Qual we know. But surly check it out!


Calmando Qual [DEADMAN’S PARTY]
review written by nagashiwa – 2010

This single starts with an intro named Haunted party you hear some creepy looping sound and a clock is ringing and at the and you hear a creeping laughing then the song THE MONSTER does start it’s a nice played song who sounds not that dark a little bit happy dark? Well the lyrics aren’t that dark too just about a monster who loves you and want to make love with you, mhm no wait romance! After this song you hear Blood Red Shoes it’s about Shoes of the devil this song does really let me think of a Korean horror movie. I wonder if everyone who listen to this song can get used to this song how it’s played but I do think so they will if they listen to this song a few times. After this song we go to UNDEADMAN a song who we already know at least if you bought the album of STARWAVE RECORDS a while ago. This song is about death and living dead a pretty creepy song but very well played, everything just really does fit, but once again people who know the older work really need to get used to this song too.

After this knowing song we go to Deadman’s Party a song who you might like or don’t like. You need to listen to things song also a few times to get used to it if you don’t as an Calmando Qual fan you don’t know what to think about it. I think this song is actually the best to listen it after Ghost House from the DOORS single because this song is also of a dinner and it will really fit, this song sounds really strange, but once again somehow the guys know how to make music and let this song sound pretty amazing too, so that it wouldn’t be a mess.

But my impression of this single was at the first time.. What the fuck… I didn’t liked by the first time of hearing the songs, I didn’t hate it too.. I just did know that I had to listen to it a few times over and over and over and over.. I did even put the songs of DOORS into my playlist to get used to the now sound. (laugh) You know we can still say this single is a masterpiece because what you hear is no junk, it’s just we never did hear this kind of music of Calmando Qual before. The way how Tak and Kenka play together and how Maya is drumming all the songs make the sound just perfect no strange things into a song.. You know what you sometimes got by typical Visual Kei bands, and it’s never that they play first really fast and then going slow down so much if Hibiki will sing.

Deadman’s Party -> you love or hate this single. Our should I better say you like or dislike this single? The lyrics are nice creepy beautiful dark and so on, so if you can’t get used at the new sound then I really hope that you still like the lyrics and if Calmando Qual will bring a new single that you will still buy their work!

So if you only did listen to this single one or two times I tell you that’s really not enough.. listen to it more, listen it over and over and over. Maybe just don’t put your volume high just listen it as background music to get used to it.

My rating of this Single: ★★★☆☆ 3 of 5 stars



review written by nagashiwa [18 June 2011]
Release: July 6, 2011: on sale in stores
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: Daiki Sound, Tainted Reality, CDbaby, Code 7
Price: 1,500yen (tax in)
Limit: 1000 copies

01. 4:9
02. Nega x Nega x Nega
03. Jigoku chef
04. Itsuwari to Nikushimi no Hazamade (retake) (my favo song)
This CD you could buy at the 10th anniversary live!
So people who bought it could listen already to the new songs!

After 6 months we are finally able to listen to the new sound of Calmando Qual. The guys did change their look into a more darker world. A world who old fans already know a new look for people who just did discover this band. A world changed back from Scary Horror look into a beautiful gothic alternative look!.

The first song on this CD is an intro song who give us the taste of song 2: NegaxNegaxNega.

This song is a mix of new and old music, But a little bit more like songs like Shadow(doors) and Undeadman (deadmans party). The 3rd song Jigoku Chef has a mix of new and old too. That song does me think of Blood Red Shoes(deadmans party) and “Smash them (FATHER -MOTHER)” and a few more songs of FATHER-MOTHER album. So it’s really a mix but it does sound more like DOORS and DEADMAN’S party then really something of the old time. Jigoku Chef is a more heavy song and really nice for your ears.

NegaxNegaxNega and Jigoku chef are both nice songs, but if you really love the old Calmando Qual from years back and if you not really liked the preview 2 singles you might won’t like it. But I would say just please don’t say that to fast. Please give it a try and listen 10x or more to the songs. Before you will say if you love or hate it.

The songs will rock after a few plays. But It’s a pity that they didn’t make a song like the 4th song on this single!

The 4th song of this single is a retake of the old song Itsuwari to Nikushimi no Hazamde. It’s a beautiful song! Really beautiful lyrics too!. This song even with this retake won’t never get boring at all. It’s so powerful! Sung with so many feelings! Beautiful! And this song make this single even more special!!

Because this piece is really difficult to love or maybe to dislike I would give you the option to listen to it and to let me know if you like it or if you don’t like it. Because I already know that lot of old Calmando Qual fans here might not really like it…
so buy it and find out yourselves!

My rating of this Single: ★★★☆☆ 3 of 5 stars



Calmando Qual [BLACK SHEEP]
review written by nagashiwa [4 July 2012]
July 27th the release of the 3rd full album of Calmando Qual.

An album with 10 tracks but with 8 full songs.

1. 擬態 (Gitai)
2. 死よりも深い死の中で (Shiyorimo fukaishi no nakade)
4. 堕チ逝ク闇カラ (Ochiyuku yami kara)
5. 抜け殻 (Nukegara)
6. Re:born
7. 歪 (Yugami)
8. 闇の中の黒い猫 (Yami no naka no kuroi neko)
9. 空中ブランコ (Kuchu buranko)
10. 追憶 (Tsuioku)

Calmando Qual did bring finally a new album after years. This time their style is Visual Kei and they changed their sound into something new. Well if you did listen to their previous singles you already could taste a little bit of their new style. However the tune BLACK SHEEP is again a little bit different as the past 3 singles.

This time it’s really a mix between old and new. Even the lyrics. The lyrics are dark however the past lyrics still got a little bit more darkness. The lyrics have a fine meaning, but sometimes some parts really doesn’t make that much sense. But that doesn’t matter if you listen to the album. But their past written songs before 2009 are written more beautiful.

You have to listen to this album for at least 2 days long to really fall in love with it! That you don’t want to put it off anymore! The album sounds the best if you play It really loud into your room.

The last song “Kuchu buranko” is song who can really though you in the heart. However you really have to listen it a few times till you find the feeling.

Hibiki’s voice is really different as his voice years ago. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find the feeling in the song. To me he does sing a little bit powerless, not enough feeling of the heart.
But after listen to the songs over and over, you don’t have that feeling anymore.

The music is always well played. They always know what they are doing, so you never will get strange sounded sounds in a song. And that’s pretty unknown by Visual Kei bands.

But since Calmando Qual turned into a Visual Kei band this year with BLACK SHEEP there aren’t starters mistakes. Since it’s a band who is already 11 years alive. And the guys still know how to play music even with 1 band member down. (TASC who left at the end of 2008) However I still do miss the darkness tunes who their past work has.
Re-take songs (paradox & more) and the charity song still do have that feeling, but they didn’t add it in this album.

If Calmando Qual is new for you, then yes please give it a try.
If Calmando Qual isn’t new for you but if you like the last 3 works, then yes please get this one too.
If Calmando Qual isn’t new for you but if you didn’t like the last 3 works, then.. come on, just give this album a last chance! Just listen it for at least 30 times in one row!

Price: CD 2500 yen – DIGITAL ~€9 $10
A little bit expensive for 8 full songs if you buy a hard copy

Album duration:
33 minutes Way to short for an Album who sound like this. I want more!

Favorite song:
死よりも深い死の中で & 空中ブランコ

Album Art rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Beautiful photos but to much use of Photoshop and same use of photos as we already know.

My rating of this album: ★★★☆☆ 3 of 5 stars
Because I didn’t fall in love with this album right away
It get 3 stars. But I really do recommend this album.



REVIEW & free talking – review written by nagashiwa [2012 December 21] –
Calmando Qual “闇を貫く激情の輝き”(Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki)

“Your world is an endless universe; nobody can stop you” The latest Calmando Qual single, created based on their new visual concept. Its tracks carry a message that appeals to the trembling emotions in the space between negative and positive, and a hard sound that will make your heart race! Sharpen your five senses and bring the sixth to life…!

CD Playlist:
01. 闇を貫く激情の輝き (Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki)
02. CRUSH!
03. モノクローム ( Monochrome)
04. deep sea

DVD Playlist:
01. 闇を貫く激情の輝き (Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki) (PV)

At January 30, 2013 Calmando Qual will finally release a new single. This time they give us 3 full songs and one special instrumental song. This time we are introduced again by 2 songs who are composed by Maya. CRUSH! and Deep Sea is his work. Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki is composed in a session so the credits goes to everyone. Monochrome is composed by Tak. This single also comes with the PV!

This time we have 2 very powerful songs and 1 song who really will touch everyone’s heart, even those who never listened to Calmando Qual will love the song. Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki and CRUSH! are played very powerful, however the meaning behind the lyrics are completely different.

Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki: this song has a beautiful message and does tell you to live on no matter what, you should stay at the ground. Also that you should dream and not to forget to smile! The melody is powerful and very Vkei-ish. I really feel that this song also can be liked by those who never ever did try to listen to Calmando Qual. Somehow the melody is perfect the song really does fit. But it’s really a pity that they didn’t make a STORY PV of this song. Could be a wonderful concept for PV.
But more about the PV later.

CRUSH!: The message behind CRUSH! is very different, It’s more an angry song, angry about people who are stupid and who are just copy each other. This lyric is written in a very old style I remember that Hibiki wrote that kind of lyrics in the past. But I really think that Hibiki did do a very good job, the lyric really does fit to the melody of CRUSH! Also Tak and Kenka do also a good job by playing this song once again perfectly. Haha yes also you Maya, good job by making this song. This song would be also perfect to play live! Good way to get the fans dance… ehh Dance?! I mean.. to move!! (lol)

Monochrome: This song, this melody, it’s beautiful. Tak’s way of playing on his guitar really though your heart. Also the words of Hibiki go through your heart, it’s really sung with so many feelings. You really fall in love with this song at the first moment… there are no doubts. But this song would even fit perfect for a funereal… ehhh? Why? Because the lyric is about; “that words won’t reach someone anymore because he/she sleeps eternity…” however I keep you waiting, I won’t spoil yet. Please read the lyric yourself. So yes, it has perfect melody and also a perfect lyric. A lyric with many pain and suffering… just as the name “Calmando Qual”. This song really makes me cry.

Deep Sea: Actually the concept of this single would be about “Rumble Fish” so SEA/Underwater WORLD or something. This is the SE of the CD. Special song, it’s instrumental. However even if a concept is “underwater/sea world” doesn’t mean that you need to add underwater sea boat sounds. So that kinda not really though me at all… Tak’s guitar is once again special and beautiful. But it’s really a pity that there are so many extra sea sounds are added into this short song, because guitar solos of Tak are always the most beautiful with not much extra added sounds. Or don’t you think so Tak?! Also would also be more cool if it had a connection with the first song!

Also what do we got this time?
1 song who tells you to live on and that you should smile and dream!
1 song who kick off your angriness.
1 song who really goes through your heart and let you cry!
1 song who is instrumental and… let you think that you are underwater in the deepest of the sea.

Price: CD 1890 yen – DIGITAL ~€4 $4
I think it’s a good price. Also for a hard copy.

Single duration:
16,18 minutes I think it’s a good duration for a single.

Favorite song:

PV rating: ★☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
You know why, but it’s very personal

My rating of this album: ★★★★☆ 4 of 5 stars
It’s a perfect single, however because of “deep sea” It couldn’t get the full 5 stars .