Short Review & opinion
Acid Black Cherry
(kimi ga inai ano hi kara)


At March 13th Acid Black Cherry decided to release a brand new single. Special for the victems of the Tsunami and Nuclair disaster from 2 years ago.

The song has a nicely softly melody which fits perfect the emotions. However Yasu sings with a high pit but to me he doesn’t sing with any feelings at all. I cannot feel his sad lyric. I cannot feel the lyric at all I cannot feel the silence. I can only feel the lyric if I listen to the text but this voice doesn’t give any feeling. Where are you where are you? It doesn’t feel to me that he is looking for someone, someone who isn’t on this world anymore. For me it’s a true pity. The melody is great but it has lack of the feeling of yasu’s voice. The song simply doesn’t let me cry. and this should be a song who should make me cry… so if every anyone will cover this.. please put some more feelings inside. let the lyrics really cry!

The 2nd song is a cover song. Forget-me-not original sung by the great Yutaka Ozaki which we never forget. He was a true god! This song has so many feelings inside and it’s a truly hard song to cover. However Yasu pics it up perfectly. And he gives us a perfect cover who is even OWNING his own song. If he would sung like he does in this song I would love “Kimi ga inai ano hi kara”

Raiting: 2 stars of 5.
Why, because even if the cover song is great yasu’s song isn’t that great. it lacks feeling so much. I know many people don’t agree with me. But it’s what I feel.
But the cover song get the full 5 stars (^.-) And of course I’m already looking forward to the new single who will be released after a few months :p

Please listen to Kimi ga inai ano hi kara.
Yasu only version.

Translation of the lyric:
Credits also to L-na
But I changed it a little bit, this is how I feel it.


Can you hear me?
My voice is calling for you
Since that day, you aren’t here…
I’m always, always looking for you.
The sadly disappearing light glanced away
Hey, where are you now?
I only can think of one thing
I want to see you

In the night of serene moonlight, I’m only thinking about you.
It’s only you who I want to see, it’s only you

Do you remember? When we went to the sea to watch the stars?
You who reached out to me “Here, grab me!”
It was really beautiful

Look, I try to reach tonight’s stars too.
I gently stretch my hands up in the sky, just like you
But my tears are falling down and the stars become scattered
Hey, where are you now?

The peaceful sea cries too

In the serene moonlight night, I’m only thinking about you.
By looking down the crescent moon flickers with a illusion (silhouette)
The loneliness? The alone healing and trembling?
Your favorite season has passed again.

Can you year me?
My voice is calling for you
You aren’t here, since that day…
I’m always, always looking for you.

Wasn’t it a promise?
“Let’s go watch the starry sky again”
Hey, where are you now?
I want to see you

In the night of serene moonlight, I’m only thinking about you.