From the album: DUM SPIRO SPERO

Satoru-kun, the person who helps me with writing translations told me about this song. This song is pure amazing, it’s truly PERFECT. But then I looked up together with Satoru-kun for a translation. HOWEVER I couldn’t find a GOOD translation. So I decided to re-translate it and Satoru checked my translation. So this is the final and checked translation. Enjoy reading!

Dir En Grey – The Blossoming Beelzebub (Translation)

The natural aroma is still here
The words which burn you
Everything is stuck in my mind…
So, I decided.

Today too the full moon has been destroyed by the clouds
I’m always sitting alone at the table
The spoon and fork are at their place
The serviette hangs on my neck
The soup is getting cold in the white bowl.

In the silence you can hear the neighbors and the sound of my beating heartbeat
They are all faint noises

I’m lying powerless on the floor
Viewing the world at different points
I want to grow towards the soil

I got used to it for the first time
Today I just want to sleep

Will a wing grow someday on the moving rice grain?

I’m spreading out my arms
But, why can’t I fly?
I should find it out myself
Why doesn’t anyone tell me anything?
Why? Why?

You and your growing selves…

Under the sofa I found the silver knife which I was looking for
I go sit back up the chair to eat the meat.
I fill my mouth full with really delicious rice.
And I continue to search for those wings…