Calmando Qual mini-album [Zetsubou no Gosenfu]
on sale April 23, 2014 an already available at their live gigs.

Despair and hope,” “dreams and reality” “death and rebirth“…
The harmony of melody and soul are dancing on the stage of contradiction. This dark fantasy creation by Calmando Qual, their newest work, also marks a return to the band’s musical origins.


Calmando Qual finally returns with a brand new mini-album. It has been over a year that they released something for their fans.
This time they return with a beautiful work with the taste of their musical origins. They return with 3 brand new songs,  2 SE songs and 2 re-recordings, total of 7 tracks.

01. -PsychO- (SE)
02. Zesshou (re-recording)
03. Nuritsubusareta Elegy
04. Gareki no Yume
05. DEATH SONG (re-recording)
06.  CRY
07. -PrayeR- (SE)

DVD Play list:
01. Nuritsubusareta Elegy (MV)

PV Preview

The price of this album is 2700 yen (tax in, 2500yen tax out)
You can buy this CD at the official webshop of Starwave Records. You can pre-order this CD at CDJapan (until the release date). At the release date you can listen to it for free at Spotify also you can download it legal at the release date at CDbaby, itunes, google music and amazon.

You already can listen to a few previews at AMAZON

Calmando Qual official: Website
Calmando Qual official: Facebook