This was one of my first interviews with a band. The original was also in English.
ADAMS interview by Ryu 2013

Hello Adam, Hello Shota it has been a while.  (^_^)
How is it to be back in Japan?
Does it feels good to be home again?
Or do you really want to go back?
ADAM: Of course I miss that tour.
Shota: Yes, but we also need some rest and to create more good creation.

Did you have problems with the time difference?
ADAM: How about you?
Shota: Nothing, because we told it a lot of times we’re  Timeless

At the Luxembourg gig you played a cover song “sweet dreams”.  But why did you cover this song? is there a special reason?
Shota: Nothing I just felt that we need one popular cover song this tour.  We have already have song called “Sweet Dreams” it´s just a little joke and I like that song.

What is your impression of all days?
did you expect that it would be like this?
ADAM: Yes sure, I felt a lot can’t say a word that change my life and I had good confidence to us.

How did it feel to play in front of 100 people?
Shota: Not bad (lol)

You 2 are really close together!!  just as the perfect couple!  I really could feel it. You two have a really close relationship, isn’t?
ADAM: I love Shota.
Shota: Not bad (lol)

Who is the woman and who is the man in your relationship? In my eyes, ADAM is the WOMAN and Shota is the MAN. (lol)
ADAM: It’s a secret?? Or …
Shota: Sometimes… yeah

Did you go somewhere when the tour ended?  
ADAM: Nope we didn’t go somewhere, because
we were still working with Ryota Sakai. (^_-)

How was the taste of the European beer?
It’s way more tasty, isn’t?!
Shota: We really really wanted to try it but we didn’t really had the time to taste it. But it’s OK. We taste a juice called EVES. (^_-)

The way to Berlin was long because of traffic jam. How did you spent the time in the car?!
ADAM: Make-up time and to get ready for the show.

Shota you said that you have read some Boy Love manga. Do you remember which series?
Shota: I don’t remember sry.

What is your most unforgettable tour memory? (mine is “Neuken in de keuken” <- Steff’s words)
Shota: hahaha…
Anyway, I can’t forget the first date at Lux. It was… Awesome because my heart shaking all the time.
ADAM: My favorite is Netherlands.
It was so… CRAZY!

Did you lost something during the tour?
ADAM: Ask Shota!!
Shota: Yeah I lost everyday and everything.
But I keep my feelings today.

Ryota Sakai did join the tour too, to make beautiful photos, but how did you meet him?
Shota: I met him before and I like his works. and he is very very artistic. I love it.

Shota, in a previous interview you said, you want to change the Japanese music scene. How do you want to realize this? and how you imagine the Japanese music scene after you succeed to realize it?
Shota: Sorry it’s secret. I’ll show you it, in these 10 years of planning.
Do you both actually read manga or watching
anime? or is that really not your taste?

Shota you are really a talented guitar player.
Is there any artist which you want to play together guitar with?
Shota: No thanks (lol)

In about a few months Christmas is coming up again (lol) How do you spent those days? will you go eat chicken at KFC?
ADAM: NO no no (lol)
Shota: I’ll sleep all that time.

Do you think that there is a way to beat illegal downloads?
ADAM: I don’t think about it what is it??
WWS: Huh? You don’t know? Please Google it…
It’s very very evil! ψ(*`∇´)ψ

What kinds of movies do you like?
ADAM: Hero
Shota: Human Drama

What’s your favorite alcohol drink?
ADAM: Sometime wine
Shota: Margarita in ICE

What’s the best of living in Tokyo?
ADAM: I don’ know.
Shota: Tokyo is same same same views I don’t like it. It means just city, anywhere easy living.
Why did you decide to make more pop sounded songs? And not going to the more heavy rock side?
Shota: It’s a secret (-.^)y-~~~

How do you get your ideas for a PV?
Shota: It’s Ryota Sakai’s direction.

Can you imagine one of ADAMS’ songs will played in a movie? if yes, what genre would it be?
Shota: ADAM will be Hero (lol)
ADAM: Yes sure. I think Shota wants to
Shota: Psycho killer

Where do you get inspiration for your songs? What is your usual songwriting process?
ADAM: Usually, at first Shota make song and send me, if he need words I write. It’s very simple.
Shota: Yes and I make most time to make a song,
before the concept. It’s really important to us.

Have you ever had any stalker type fans that you aware of? How you handle these fans?
Shota: No, If someone would stalk me, I will give a kiss and after that I change into a Psycho killer. And after that… it’s asecret (lol)

Fan question: Shota has alot of works to do. Why doesn’t he hire someone to share the works of band. Does Shota share the works with Adam
Shota: Of course it’s hard work to me, but it’s okay,
Because I couldn’t find any good staff for us.
I hate negative work, So I don’t need staff.

Fan question: How does your project affects all
sexualities, what does it means to be “Neosexual”.
ADAM: It means new gender.

Thank you very much Shota and ADAM!
I really enjoyed the interview!!